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Why We Do What We Do

When we serve our Country in the Military, we’re taught to take care of our Comrades, and we rest in the assurance they’ll take care of us. That’s why we started “Vets Caring for Vets”.

The bond is unique, special; only fellow Veterans and their families know what it’s like to participate in and endure military life. There’s an unspoken understanding; so who better to foster the care and well being of a Veteran or their family in need of assistance, than their counter parts. Whether it be full-time or part-time assistance, or in unique instances, employing the spouse to provide the care within their own home, we are dedicated to bettering the opportunities and well being of our Veteran community.

The public recognizes a different aspect of Veterans and their families; they see fortitude, knowledge, expertise and dedication. This view not only fosters trust but a desire for that level of care and aide for themselves or their family members. We fulfill this desire of the public by offering our Veteran employee care services to everyone.

Our communities want to do something to give back and by choosing Vets Caring for Vets for their in-home care, they can have the best care available and provide employment to Veterans and their spouses.

Our Veterans and their families have sacrificed so that we at home can be safe, prosper and pursue our happiness. It is the grand goal of Vets Caring for Vets to ensure the same for them. Vets Caring for Vets does this by providing employment for those who seek it and care for those who need it. We will help to diminish homelessness; alleviate financial pressure, and emotional and mental stress, thus delivering a more stable and happy home for our Veterans and their families.

We hire Military Veterans, and their Spouses, to provide customized care tailored to the needs of the Public (Civilians), Veterans, or their Survivors within a private setting. Our Veteran Staff share a common background that relates to our military experience, and enjoy the bond and camaraderie that only those who have served our Great Nation can appreciate.

Vets Caring for Vets assists our Veterans and their Widows in learning about the benefits available to them from the Federal and State Departments of Veterans Affairs. We will assist them in the application process and the submission of their claim to the nearest Veterans Service Officer (VSO) of one of the various Veterans Service Organizations for processing. We provide this service at absolutely no cost!